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  • How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing: A Step-by-Step Easy Way

    Do you want to know how to wrap your hands like a professional boxer?Find out how to do it effectively here to enjoy the benefits of getting the right boxing practice package. Getting a good bandage is an important part of every boxing, martial arts, kickboxing or any other fighting discipline sh...
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  • Surgical supplier disposable medical surgical head cap nonwoven nurse caps with cheap price

    1. made of non-woven non-toxic polypropylene fabric and double-reinforced elastic belt super-sound thermosynthetic technology, the product is soft, strong and beautiful; 2. disposable use, clean and sanitary, simple and convenient, effectively avoid bacterial infection; 3. breathable, dustproof, ...
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  • Disposable Medical Face Mask

    Disposable use of non-woven medical masks is mainly used in medical institutions, laboratories, ambulances, families, public places and other places to wear, can cover the user’s mouth, nose and mandible, blocking oral and nasal exhaled or ejected pollutants and other transmission effects. ...
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  • Medical Gauze Swab High absorbent & softness

    Sterile s compressed gauze pad is made of 100% pure white medical cotton gauze fabric. The soft gauze is folded to 8, 12, or 16ply. Each piece of high absorbent compressed gauze pad is inserted in paper/paper or paper/film pouch. It’s sterilized by EO gas or Gamma radiation for use directly...
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  • The most beautiful During

    The fight against the new crown virus pneumonia, the general manager Li Jiaxiang led all the staff of Huai’an Zhongxing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. to actively respond to the call of the municipal party committee and government. As the only medical mask manufacturer in our city, the...
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  • Still using cotton swabs to treat wounds? Huai’an ZTE Pharmaceutical “Revealed the Standard for Sterile Medical Cotton Swabs for You”

    As an essential household item, cotton swabs are very convenient to use, whether it is an art tool for adjusting details during makeup, or an auxiliary tool for disinfecting and wiping ointments during wound treatment. Especially when facing wounds or eczema skin problems, in order to avoid secon...
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