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Soft bandage rolls are typically made of a blend of cotton and elastic fibers that allow them to stretch and conform to the shape of the body. They are often used to wrap and secure a wound, as their stretchiness helps to hold the bandage in place.Each roll is made of high-quality materials to ensure soft usage and comfort on your skin.The soft roll bandage have great ventilation for faster healing and absorbance,to prevent bleeding.A soft bandage roll is a roll of cloth wrapped around a body part to help support the area the wound.Soft badage rolls are used on injuries to absorb and minimize bleeding, and put a protective cover over the wound bed. They have high absorbency and superior breathability. The unique weave of medical gauze rolls allows air to pass through the surface so that the wound site can receive oxygen for faster healing. Rolls of gauze are easy and convenient to wrap around the injury. They can be used as a primary dressing over the injured area or as a secondary dressing to hold the primary dressing in place.Strong, durable and can be left in place for a number of days.Long piece of gauze wrap can be easily torn off to top of an injury.Used for different types of wounds, injuries, cuts, etc..Can provide moderate compression.Hygienic and skin friendly.Types of Gauze Rolls based on Sterility
Based on the type of sterility, there are two types of gauze rolls, namely, sterile gauze rolls and non-sterile gauze rolls.

Sterile Gauze Rolls
Sterile gauze rolls are thin, absorbent dressings that are manufactured under special conditions to ensure that they are free of germs. They are usually used as primary dressings that are placed in direct contact with the wound because of their low risk of cross-contamination. Sterile gauze wraps come packed in their own special airtight packaging.

Non-Sterile Gauze Rolls
Non-sterile gauze rolls are usually used as secondary dressings that back up a primary dressing and absorb any exudate that is passed through the first layer. They can also be used as primary dressings by applying some antiseptic topping. These gauze rolls come loosely packed in paper wrappings or sleeves.

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Matters needing attention:

When buying soft bandage roll, it is important to consider their size. Soft bandage roll usually have two measurements, the first is width, and the second is length. Width is measured in inches and tells us how wide is the gauze wrap. Wider pieces are ideal for covering larger body areas whereas narrower pieces are ideal for covering smaller body areas like a minor scrape or a hurt finger. Length is measured in yards and tells us how long the roll will be from one end to the other when it is unwound completely.

Matters needing attention

1. The injured position should be appropriate.
2. Use the affected limb to adapt to the position, so that the patient can keep the limb comfortable during the dressing process and reduce the patient's pain.
3. The bandage of the affected limb must be in the functional position.
4. Generally from the inside out, and from the distal end to the trunk bandaged.At the beginning of the dressing, two rings should be made to hold the bandage in place.
5. Master the bandage roll when bind up to avoid falling down.The bandage should be rolled and applied flat to the dressing area.
6. The weekly pressure should be equal, and not too light, so as not to fall off.Also do not be too tight to prevent circulatory disturbance.
7. Except for patients with acute bleeding, open trauma or fracture, local cleaning and drying must be done before bind up.

Product Information:

Soft roll bandage
100% natual cotton

Folded or unfolded edge, with or without detectable ray;

Different width and length available.
21s,32s,36s,40s, per your request
40x40 40x30 32x28 30x28 30x36 30x20 28x26 26x24 20x12 19x15 19x11 11x8 as per your request
10m, 25m, 50m, 90m,100yds(91m), 1000m, 2000m, 3000m or as per your request
1ply,2ply,4ply, 8ply, 12ply, 16ply, or customized
10rolls/pack,120 pack/ctn,or as your requirements.
One roll/pack. If small rolls, we put several rolls into a carton,or as your requirements.
Customized specifications , logo/brand and packaging

Soft roll bandage according to the information I have:

  • Specification
    fingers, wrist, foot 
    fingers, hand, wrist, foot
    arm, elbow, foot
    knee, foot, neck, thigh, calf
    shoulder, hand, thigh
    infant's body, chest, head, thigh
    infant's body, chest, head, thigh
    chest, abdomen, axilla
    chest, abdomen, axilla
    chest, axilla, abdomen, hip

For smaller or cylindrical parts of the limbs, such as the hands, feet, wrists and foreheads, and also for the beginning of various bandages.The bandage should be rolled up and held with the right hand. The bandage should be spread about 8 cm. The left
thumb should fix the end of the stretcher and head, and the right hand should wrap the part in a continuous circular manner.

It can be used in medical care, home self-rescue care, outdoor sports, field first aid, sports, postoperative care and various sports injuries. It has a great adjuvant therapeutic effect on limb sprain, soft tissue rub and joint swelling and pain.


Product Images:

disposable soft bandage rol
disposable soft bandage roll
Size: 5cmx5m, 7.5cmx5m, 10cmx5m, 15cmx5m, 
5cmx10m, 7.5cmx10m, 10cmx10m, etc.
Yarn: 21s/32s/40s
Mesh: 7/9/11/13/15/17/20 thread, 
Soft Roll Bandage 
Size Pack Description
5CMX5M 10R/bag,1000R/CS
7CMX5M 10R/bag,1000R/CS
10CMX5M 10R/bag,1000R/CS
15CMX5M 10R/bag,500R/CS
20CMX5M 10R/bag,500R/CS
7CMX10M 10R/bag,500R/CS
10CMX10M 10R/bag,500R/CS
15CMX10M 10R/bag,500R/CS
20CMX10M 10R/bag,500R/CS
Yarn count and mesh can be according to customer's requirement.


Detailed Product Description:
1. Soft bandage roll is slightly contoured for a comfortable fit.
2. Covered with 100% cotton stockinet and a Velcro closure.
3. Loop contact closures for easier use
4. Available in low and medium and high density of foam
5. Adjustable size designed for using on a wide range of patients.
6. The foam cervical collar is used for cervical injuries requiring non-rigid support and limited mobility.
7.May also be used as an aid for the relief of pain associated with neck muscle spasms or whiplash injuries.



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