Medical breathing oxygen mask with 2mm tube machine for kids

Oxygen Mask is used for the purpose of accuracy delivering oxygen to the user’s respiratory system with many various medical situations. The Oxygen Masks are made from medical grade materials which results in a soft, clear finish for greater patient comfort and easy monitoring of patient condition. Include adjustable nose clip and elastic straps for better fitting. Universal port conveniently fits all standard oxygen tubing connectors


Kinds of Oxygen:

Oxygen mask with 2mm tube  will be stored under pressure in tanks or produced by a machine called an oxygen concentrator.

You can get large tanks to keep in your home and small tanks to take with you when you go out.

Liquid oxygen is the best kind to use because:

  • It can be moved easily.
  • It takes up less space than oxygen tanks.
  • It is the easiest form of oxygen to transfer to smaller tanks to take with you when you go out.

Be aware that liquid oxygen will slowly run out, even when you are not using it, because it evaporates into the air.

An oxygen mask:

  • Makes sure your oxygen supply does not run out.
  • Never has to be refilled.
  • Needs electricity to work. You must have a back-up tank of oxygen gas in case your power goes out.

Portable, battery-operated concentrators are also available.

Product Information:

Unlike the nasal cannula, a simple oxygen mask with 2mm tube is placed over your patient's nose and mouth. You use this mask when a patient needs a minimum of 6L/min to ensure removal of exhaled CO2 (which is what the holes on the side of the mask do). Do not use a simple mask with flow rates lower than 6L/min.

A simple face mask is easy to apply and depending on the patient can be more comfortable. This is also a great alternative for patient's who are "mouth breathers" at night since a nasal cannula won't give them the full oxygen they need.

Oxygen mask Features:

• Non-toxic and latex free
• Smooth and feathered edge for patient comfort and reducing irritation points

Oxygen mak Application:
The portable oxygen mask without oxygen tube is constructed to supply oxygen or other gases to a patient, and it should be used together with oxygen supplying tube usually. The oxygen mask is made from PVC of medical grade, consists of face mask only.

Material: clear,medical grade PVC, DEHP free is available
Size: XL/L/M/S
Particulars: with adjustable nose clip, elastic strip, Anti-crush tube
Form of packing: 1PC/PE pack,100pcs/ctn
Expiry date:  three years
Store claim: store in dark, dry and clean conditions

Product Details:


Tell Others you use Oxygen at Home

Tell your local fire department, electric company, and telephone company that you use oxygen in your home.

  • They will restore power sooner to your house or neighborhood if the power goes out.
  • Keep their phone numbers in a place where you can find them easily.

Tell your family, neighbors, and friends that you use oxygen. They can help during an emergency.






Using Oxygen

Using oxygen may make your lips, mouth, or nose dry. Keep them moist with aloe vera or a water-based lubricant, such as K-Y Jelly. Do not use oil-based products, such as petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

Ask your oxygen equipment provider about foam cushions to protect your ears from the tubing.

Do not stop or change your flow of oxygen. Talk with your provider if you think you are not getting the right amount.

Take good care of your teeth and gums.

Keep your oxygen far away from open fire (like a gas stove) or any other heating source.

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