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The main difference between daily cotton swabs and medical cotton swabs is their use, material, sterilization level and scope of application as following:

Uses: Daily cotton swabs are mainly used for personal body and skin care, such as cleaning, eliminating undesirable odor, skin care, beauty and modification purposes. They are commonly used to clean and maintain any part of the human surface (skin, hair, nails, lips). Medical cotton swabs are mainly used in medical and health units and home health care, such as disinfecting the skin of patients, treating wounds, applying potions, etc.

The material is different: medical cotton swabs have relatively strict production requirements, which are made according to national standards and industry standards in medicine. Medical cotton swabs are generally made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch. Ordinary cotton swabs are mostly ordinary cotton, sponge head or cloth head.Daily cotton swabs are usually made of bamboo or wood sticks, paper sticks and absorbent cotton wrapped by the cotton swab machine. The cotton head is smooth and uniform, and the thickness of bamboo sticks, wood sticks or paper sticks is uniform. Medical cotton swabs are made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch, non-toxic, non-irritating, good water absorption.

Different product grades: medical cotton swabs are generally used to treat wounds, so they are usually sterilized products, while ordinary cotton swabs are generally conductive products.

Sterilization level: Household cotton swabs do not usually require sterilization treatment, so they can be used for cleaning and maintenance for non-medical purposes. Medical cotton swabs must be sterilized products to ensure safe use and avoid infection caused by carrying bacteria.

Scope of application: Daily cotton swabs are suitable for personal skin, ear and nose cleaning or cleaning and disinfection of skin or trauma, and are also used for makeup, makeup removal, machinery and equipment, household appliances and other cleaning. Medical cotton swabs are specifically designed for medical use, such as the topical application of disinfectants to the skin at surgical or puncture sites, mechanical wounds, and instruments.

Different shapes and sizes: medical cotton swabs are usually designed to be thinner and longer, which is easy to use accurately in medical operations. Regular cotton swabs come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Storage conditions are different, medical cotton swab because of its particularity, so it needs to be stored in a non-corrosive and ventilation effect of good indoor, and can not be high temperature, relative humidity can not exceed 80%. The requirements of ordinary cotton swabs are not so strict, and only need to be kept dry, dust and ash proof.

In summary, the choice of daily cotton swabs or medical cotton swabs should be decided according to the actual use and needs. Because of its special sterilization level and scope of application, medical cotton swabs are more suitable for medical and health care fields. The daily cotton swabs are more suitable for daily personal care and cleaning needs because of their good adaptability and convenience.

Post time: May-23-2024

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