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Medical gauze is a medical dressings which commonly used in medical fields. It is made of sterile, odorless gauze (or cotton yarn) made of natural fiber or artificial fiber, mainly used for dressing wounds, hemostatic, disinfection and wound protection. Medical gauze usually has the following characteristics: Good air permeability: can allow the wound to breather, avoid moisture and infection. Strong water absorption: can quickly absorb the blood and other secreted substances oozing from the wound. Good softness: will not cause secondary damage to the wound, but also easy to bandage.

High stability: not easy to deform, can maintain the stability of the dressing. The specifications, models and quality of medical gauze have strict standards, which are generally divided into two types of multi-layer gauze and single-layer gauze. Multi-layer gauze is usually used for large area bandaging and fixing, while single-layer gauze is usually used for small area bandaging and wiping. When using medical gauze, it is necessary to keep the bandage clean to avoid cross infection.

Why the medical gazue softness, water absorption is particularly poor when you buy?

Whether the raw materials of medical gauze stack are high-quality pure cotton, determines the softness, air permeability, water absorption of the finished product, the selection of skim gauze stack made of pure cotton, the gauze texture is softer, the air permeability is better water absorption, on the contrary, such as the raw materials used by the manufacturer, or even non-pure cotton polyester cotton, it will lead to the softness of gauze, air permeability can not meet the standard, and the wound healing is slow.

At the same time, the high temperature degreasing treatment of each gauze is the basic requirement of medical degreasing gauze factory, but the degreasing equipment has a very different effect on the gauze degreasing effect. Precise control of temperature and time to carry out standard high temperature degreasing treatment will improve the softness of the gauze, water absorption, and more conducive to the absorption of liquid medicine and body fluids. If the gauze stack that is not degreased according to the standard is found in the use process, the gauze stack is clearly wrapped, but the wound is still slow to heal or even infected, that means that the air permeability and water absorption of your gauze stack are really poor.

In addition, in the production process of medical nonfat gauze sheet, it can be stored after raw material procurement and quality inspection, and then through material preparation, cutting, inspection, folding, packaging, sealing, packing, sterilization, storage. Seemingly simple production process, but the processing equipment, the careful degree of workers, and the rigor of detection determine the final quality of gauze lamination. High-quality gauze sheets should be soft and skin-friendly, white and tasteless, folded flat, evenly thin and thick, no raw edges and stubble exposed, strong absorptivity.

There are so many manufacturers of medical equipment supplies, how to choose high-quality medical gauze?

No matter it is personal purchase medical gauze or enterprise users purchase medcial gauze in large quantities, they will encounter the situation that the quality of the gauze stack purchased is not ideal, here, Zhongxing Medical summarizes a set of selection recommendations.

1. Personal use

Choose regular pharmacies, hospitals to buy medcial gauze, whom the quality is guaranteed. Ask the quality and specifications of the medical gauze  when purchasing, so as not to buy the medical gauze  too thin or too small.

2. Large-scale purchase by enterprise and hospital users

Choose qualified, good reputation of the old medical enterprise. Understand the strength of the enterprise, including plant equipment, industrial chain structure, management system, quality control constraints, etc. For enterprises with guaranteed quality, the quality of each batch of supplies continues to be stable.


Post time: 3月-19-2024
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