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Gauze pads are disposable medical supplies commonly used in medicine and surgery. They are made of gauze and are used to absorb blood and other fluids as well as clean wounds. Ideal for wound dressing, wound packing, cleaning, prepping, debriding and general wound care. Cotton pads are made of 8 ply gauze and feature increased absorption and soft fabric quality to absorb blood and other fluids as well as clean wounds. Soft cotton surface allows our surgical sponges to be used even with the most sensitive of skin types, without any irritations. The 8-ply construction of these sponges for wounds not only provides extra absorption, but is also super soft on the skin, making for comfortable use even for those with most sensitive skin types. Effective and very affordable. Made out of 100% cotton, our non-sterile, all-gauze sponges are a must have for every medical facility.

About this item

8-PLY GAUZE SPONGES: Non-sterile sponges are medical supplies commonly used in medicine and surgery to guard and cushion a wound, absorb blood, fluids and more. Size of each sponge: 4" x 4". Quantity: 200 sponges.
100% COTTON WOVEN GAUZE SPONGES: Cotton sponges do not stick to the wounds like other fabrics minimizing patient discomfort. Woven sponges are an excellent way to add extra absorbency and provide wound care. These sponges provide a soft surface for patient comfort. Not made with natural rubber latex.
CONVENIENT PACKAGING: Ideal for hospitals, clinics, and long term facilities. Packed in convenient bags for ease of use. Excellent absorption with reduced linting. Made with 100% cotton. Soft cotton gauze maximize comfort during sponge change or removal. Thus, the healing process of the body is less disturbed.
ECONOMICAL & EFFECTIVE: These non-sterile gauze dressings offer an outstanding low cost solution for any medical facility. Just follow several steps and you will get a quick and high-quality result. Our cotton sponges are a great cost effective option that can be used on a daily basis for a number of applications.
USAGE: Medical sponges are great for general cleaning, dressings, prepping, packing and debriding wounds. They can also be used as a temporary absorbent dressing over wounds. They may help to apply ointments, or to rub cleansing fluids, such as rubbing alcohol or iodine.


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