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     It is our great honor that  our customer whom come from Pakistan visit our company last week .
     We show him around our company workshop ,warehouse ,office and kitchen and gave him great welcome.We talked our main product medical cap ,cotton swabs,cotton gauze ,dignity sheet ,surgical suture with needle .
     When most companies focus on the customer experience, they think of touchpoints, individual transactions in which customers interact with parts of the business and its products. This is logical. It reflects organization and responsibility and is relatively easy to integrate into operations. Companies work hard to ensure that customers are satisfied with the interaction when they contact their products, customer service, salespeople or marketing materials. But this isolated focus on a single point of interaction misses a bigger and more important picture: the end-to-end customer experience. It's only when you look at the experience of the entire journey through the eyes of your customers that you can really begin to understand how to dramatically improve performance.
    The customer journey includes many things that happen before, during, and after using a product or service. Journeys can be long, spanning multiple channels and touchpoints, often lasting days or weeks. A typical example is the acquisition of new customers. The other is troubleshooting technical issues, updating products, or helping customers migrate services to their new home. In our research, we found that the failure of organizations to understand the context of these situations and manage the cross-functional, cross-cutting experiences that shape customer perceptions of the business can lead to many negative consequences, including for customers. escaping and skyrocketing calls results in lost sales and lower employee morale. On the contrary, those companies that provide customers with the best possible end-to-end experience throughout the journey can expect to increase customer satisfaction, increase sales and retention, reduce end-to-end service costs, and increase employee satisfaction.
   This is especially true in today's multi-channel, multi-channel, always-on, hyper-competitive consumer market. The explosion of lead touchpoints across new channels, devices, apps, and more makes consistent service and experience across channels nearly impossible unless you manage the entire journey, not just one touchpoint. In fact, our 2015 study of seven EU telecom markets found that when consumers go on a multi-channel journey, they experience a significantly worse experience than single-channel ones, whether they are digital or not.

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