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Disposable Underpad:

medical dignity sheets disposable


1.Absorbent material helps contain fluid, and the polypropylene backing helps keep underpad in place.

2.Combines convenience, performance and value for an unbeatable combination and feature a quilted soft cotton/poly top layer for added comfort and quicker wicking away of wetness.

3.Integra mat bonding- for a strong, flat seal all around. No plastic edges exposed to patient's skin.

4.Super absorbent - keep patients and bedsheets drier.

waterproof universal underpads


1.absorbent exceptionally strong 2.Non-toxic, non-stimulated 3.convenience and health
4.sizes are available:width within 30-80cm,length within 45-180cm
5.PE+non woven film, woodpulp or paper inside
6. Great absorbent, vacuum package

Nursing pad:
1.Super absorbent with 3 layers of quilted protection.
2.Tear resistant top sheet.
3.Scientifically developed, super absorbent core to quickly locked in wetness to prevent tracking .
4.Sealed edge & plastics bottom sheet to prevent leaking and protect floors.
5.Quickly dry technology with super absorbent polymer for maximum absorption.
6.Detail information of the pad:

Specifications & Packing: 

size(cm) weight(g/pc) SAP(g/pc)
40x60cm 20g---60g (or more) 0g---8g  (or more)
60x60cm 35g---50g  (or more) 0g---8g  (or more)
60x90cm 45g---120g  (or more) 0g---12g  (or more)
75x75cm 45g---140g  (or more) 0g---12g  (or more)

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