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Medical Gauze is particularly useful for bandaging and dressing weeping wounds like burns, lacerations, and ulcers. Unlike other fabrics, it generally doesn’t stick to wounds, and when it does, it is easy to release from the affected area. Available in rolls or pads, medical gauze has many functions in wound care, including covering, packing, cleaning, scrubbing, and securing many types of abrasions, lacerations, scrapes, and burns, to name a few. Typically, gauze is the first layer of bandaging on a wound. A tightly woven gauze adds strong protection while the loose pattern type absorbs moisture and draws it away from the wound and into the outer bandage. Since gauze rolls are available in different gauges, medical professionals keep a wide selection around to treat various types of wounds. Also, when you need to clean a wound area, you can use a 4X4 square of gauze sponge to prepare the wound for bandages.

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    This product is made of medical degreasing gauze, which is not in direct contact with wound surface.It is used for binding force on wound dressing or limb to bind and fix it.
    Bandage rolls are made of pure 100% cotton yarn,through high temperature and pressure degreased and leached,ready-cut ,superior absorbency.The bandage rolls are the necessary products for hospital.
    Soft and conforming, widely used in medical treatment or hospital works, The cotton wool can be used or processed in a variety of was, to make cotton ball, cotton bandages, medical cotton pad and so on, can also be used to pack wounds and in other surgical tasks after sterilization. It is suitable for cleaning and swabbing wounds, for applying cosmetics. Economical and convenient for Clinic, Dental, Nursing Homes and Hospital. It is widely used in clinical medicine to make all kinds of dressings.


    1.Low hair loss rat 7threads(12x8), 9threads(19x9), 11threads(20x12), 13threads(19x15), 24x20, 17threads(26x18), 20threads(30x20) etc.

    2.Good water absorption.

    3.100% highly absorbent cotton, pure white.

    4.Flexibility, conforms easily, maintains its shape when wet.

    5.Soft ,pliable, non-linting ,non-irritating ,No cellulose rayon fibers.

    6.No cellulose, no rayon fibers ,No metal, no glass, no grease.

    7.Highly absorbing up to ten times of their weight.

    8.Will not adhere to mucous membranes.

    9.Maintain shape better when wet.

    10.Well-packed for protection.

    Product Paraments:

    Product name Square meter weight Specification Carton size Quantity/Box Net weight Woolen outfit MOQ
    Gauze woven bandage 40s 26*18 5cm*4m 47 34 35 1500 8 10 10000
        7.5cm*4m 47 34 35 900 8 10 10000
        10cm*4m 47 34 35 750 8 10 10000
        15cm*4m 47 34 35 450 8 10 10000
        20cm*4m 47 24 35 300 8 10 10000
    Gauze woven bandage 40s 30*20 5cm*4m 53 34 41 1500 8 10 10000
        7.5cm*4m 53 34 41 900 8 10 10000
        10cm*4m 53 34 41 750 8 10 10000
        15cm*4m 53 34 41 450 8 10 10000
        20cm*4m 53 24 41 300 8 10 10000
    Gauze woven bandage 40s 24*20 5cm x 4.5m 35 34 56 1440 9 11 10000


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