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Short Description:

. 3-Layer filtration,fresher air BEF95%
. PP+Meltblown Novwoven
. 28g+28g+28g or any you require
1st ply :28g/m2 spun-bond PP
2nd ply:28g/m2 melt-blown PP(fliter)
3rd ply:28g/m2 spun-bond PP
. Fit your face adjustable nose clip
. Sealing band elastic sponge processing and forming
. Make the ears comfortablehigh elastic flat ear-loop
. Wterproof design is safer and more effective.

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Core description:

Our non-woven face mask is made up of top-grade non-woven fabrics. The common sizes what we produced are 175*95mm, 145*90mm, 125*80mm and so on, with 2 or 3 or 4 layers as well as many three dimensional face masks and BFE degree are 95%, which depends on the material. We can also produced the face mask as per customer's requirements. Our mask ever exported to many countries such as Japan, Korea, America, India, Vietnam and so on.
1.Non woven face mask is made of spunbonded non woven fabric and meltblown non woven fabric
2.It can be used in hosipital,or industrial eara.,protect face from the dust,water and bacteria.
3 .Conforms to international standard:CE,EN14683,ISO
4. Low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency. 
5. With multi-layered non-poisonous, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials. 
6. Adjustable contoured aluminum nosepiece and a soft inner foam nose cushion help to ensure proper fit and increase worker comfort. 
7. The high-efficient and strong electrostatic filtering materials effectively filter the solid particle dust, and prevent the oil liquid gas. 
8. Free of maintenance, hygienic, clean, environment friendly.


Independent packaging of medical masks


Medical masks 50 packages

Our advantages:

Medical face masks have the following characteristics:

1. The outer layer of the mask body is non-toxic non-woven fabric made of polypropylene;

2. The inner layer of the mask is made of non-toxic polypropylene material, which is mainly non-woven cloth with pro-husband air permeability;

3. The filter element of the mask is made of ultra-fine melt-blown nonwoven fabric treated by static electricity, and the filtration efficiency of bacteria is over 95%;

4. Mask body plastic nose clip in the process of wearing appropriate adjustment, wearing more comfortable and comfortable;

5. Breathing resistance is less than 49 Pa, during wearing;

6. This product adopts seamless edge pressing technology and ultrasonic welding technology to make the mask soft, strong and beautiful.

Product parameters:

Product name

Medical Face Mask 


Planar earloop/17.5*9.5cm


3 ply (100% new material)
1st ply: 28g/m2 spun-bond PP
2nd ply: 28g/m2 melt-blown PP (filter)
3rd ply: 28g/m2 spun-bond PP



Period of use

2 Years





Product Name

Disposable Medical Protective Face Masks


PP+Meltblown Nonwoven






28Gsm or Customized


50Pcs/box, 40 Boxes/Carton or Customized


3 Layers or Customized




Medical, Hospital, Daily Protection

Product application :

Medical face  masks are mainly used in medical institutions, laboratories, ambulances, homes, public places and other places to wear, covering the user's mouth, nose and mandible, to prevent the pathogen microorganisms, body fluids, flying bubbles, particles and other direct transmission of physical barriers. The main methods of use are:

1. Open the package and remove the mask to check that the mask is in good condition.

2. The mask has white and dark two sides, the white side facing in, nose clip upward, both hands support the opening cover belt, avoid hand contact with the inside of the mask, the lower side of the mask to the root of the chin, ear belt left and right elastic belt hanging on the ear;

3. Using the plasticity of the mask nose clip, press with the finger, make the nose clip attach to the top of the nose beam, shape the nose clip according to the shape of the nose beam, then move the index finger to both sides gradually, so that the whole mask is close to the face skin.

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