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Bouffant - EconoSafe (Weight: 10g/㎡)

(MCP-01);Bouffant - XtraSafe (Weight: 35g/㎡)

(MCP-02);Mob - EconoSafe (Weight: 10g/㎡)

(MCP-03);Mob - XtraSafe (Weight: 16g/㎡)

(MCP-04);Surgeon - EconoSafe (Weight: 20g/㎡)

(MCP-05);Surgeon - XtraSafe (Weight: 45g/㎡)

(MCP-06);Surgeon - XtraSafe Ultra (Spunlace) (MCP-07)


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Benefits of medical cap :

Variety of materials, each one catering to the different needs of the procedure, the patient, and the wearer; Relatively inexpensive, safe to use; All medical caps offered in the range are latex free, meaning everyone can use them regardless if one has a latex allergy; Both the elastic and tie-on style for cap fastening is convenient for putting on and removal; Protects the wearer and the patient from contracting infections due to cross contamination; Prevents loose hair from falling, reducing the risk of transmitting infectious or contaminated material; Medical caps available in multiple sizes and styles. There is a cap that fits everybody’s desires; Breathable, lightweight, strong material provides a high level of comfort for the wearer of the cap; Relatively inexpensive; Medical caps are water resistant and sturdy.


Gauze sponge is a medical material made of gauze as raw material, which is made of non-woven fabric and cotton material. These are single-use materials used to clean wounds and absorb blood throughout surgery and other clinical procedures. In some countries, gauze sponges are called swabs. X-ray detectable gauze sponges are mainly used for minor and major surgeries, open wound dressings and wound dressings. These X-ray detectable gauze sponges are made from a material that can be ribbon or yarn, with sufficient density to provide proper contrast on medical X-rays.  The X-ray detectable elements are primarily made of a color that contrasts with blood (usually blue) to allow identification and tracking of sponges as they fill with blood during surgery. Using an X-ray-detectable swab has the advantage of avoiding additional surgical procedures to prevent the sponge from remaining in the patient after closure.

These Non-Woven Sponges are perfect for general use. The 4-ply, non-sterile sponge is soft, smooth, strong and virtually lint free. The standard sponges are 30 gram weight rayon/polyester blend while the plus size sponges are made from 35 gram weight rayon/polyester blend. The lighter weights provide good absorbency with little adhesion to wounds. These sponges are ideal for sustained patient use, disinfecting and general cleaning

Product Series:

Disposable No-woven Medical Bouffant Cap

Product Medical Bouffant caps
Material 10gsm,  20gsm,  30g PP, 40gsm, 35gsm. PP Non-Woven fabric or as requirements
Certificates ISO13485,CE,
Standard Medical Device Regulation(EU) 2017/745
Size 18" : For Short Hair

19" : for Men or Short Hair Women

21'': for Long Hair


Color Blue/Pink/White
Wight:  2gsm, 3gsm 
Package 100pc / bag,20bags / carton, 57*27*34CM, G.W is about 7kg
Production Capacity 500000pcs of each day
Production Styles 1. Single Elastic

2. Double Elastic

Sterilization: NON Sterile / Ethylene oxide sterilization
Specification 1.Manufactured by the Super-sonic heating technology,well sealed,and makes product Clean&Tidy.

2.The coated PP raw material bouffant cap can be used in the environment where full of moisture and other much more strictly

required environment.

3.Very easy for usage,can prevent the cross- contamination between the Medical Workers and Patient.

4.Widely used by the doctor,which can prevent the cross-contamination between the Medical Workers and Patient.

5.soft material,breathable and comfortable for wearing ,good liquid absorbability,very suitable for long-term surgical operation.

FEATURES AND USAGE METHOD The cap has an elastic band to keep the cap securely in place without sliding. The product is intended for hygiene purposes
STORAGE Store away from harmful gases, light, in a ventilated and dry place. Keep away from fire sources and inflammable materials.
Disposable - This product is disposable. Do not use expired products.

- After the product is used, it shall be disposed according to the applicable regulations.

Applications 1. Breathable, light weight, convenience, flexible, economical, soft and good looking.

2. Environmental protection and easy relaxed.

3. Complete hair covering.

4. It could be used in hospital, hotel, school, dust proof place, surgical, food     /electronic/chemical workplace, etc.

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