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Raditional gauze: medium and coarse special cotton yarn woven plain. The organizational structure is sparse. After scouring and degreasing, it has good moisture absorption and moisture dispersing properties. The products are strictly disinfected by high temperature and high pressure. A base material suitable for medical dressing, covering, etc. . Gauze for wound (or non-adhesive gauze) : cellulose pulp is added to acetic anhydride, esterified under a small amount of sulfuric acid, and spun into cellulose diacetate fiber. White, soft, fluffy, non-toxic, tasteless, does not stimulate the skin characteristics, moisture recovery rate (temperature 20℃, relative humidity 65%) is 6%~7%, with its woven gauze and bandages, has the advantages of not adhering to blood and purulent secretions, can promote early wound healing.

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Principles of gauze padding:

The use principle of  gauze padding is mainly through its water absorption, air permeability and softness characteristics, with different operating methods to achieve the desired effect. For example, when bandaging and fixing, the wound is covered and fixed with gauze to protect the wound from external contamination; In wound dressing, gauze can absorb wound secretions and keep the wound dry. When applying wet compress, the gauze is soaked and applied on the affected area to promote drug absorption and treatment effect.

Gauze padding useful:

1, bandage fixation: Medical gauze for wound, wound and other parts of the bandage and fixation, to protect the wound from external bacterial infection, promote wound healing.
2. Wound dressing: Medical gauze can be used as wound dressing to absorb wound secretions and keep the wound dry and clean.
3, wet compress: Medical gauze can be wet compress the affected area, often used with drugs to promote the absorption and effect of drugs.
4, blood hemostasis: Medical gauze can be used for mild bleeding hemostasis, through pressure wrap wound, reduce the amount of blood loss, prevent infection.
5, disinfection operation: Medical gauze can be used to wash and apply disinfectant, help disinfection operation, reduce the spread of bacteria.

Gauze padding classification:

medical gauze

1, According to the material classification: gauze padding is mainly divided into pure cotton gauze and non-woven fabric two categories. Pure cotton gauze has the advantage of natural fiber, soft, comfortable, good water absorption, often used for bandaging, wet compress and other operations. Non-woven fabrics have the unique characteristics of non-woven fabrics, such as soft, breathable, wear-resistant, etc., often used in surgical operations, disinfection and other occasions.
2, According to the specification classification: gauze padding can be divided according to different specifications, such as 5cm×5cm,7.5cm×7.5cm, 10cm×10cm, etc., different specifications of gauze is suitable for different parts and different situations of dressing.
3, according to the use of classification: medical gauze according to the specific use can be divided into surgical gauze, wound dressing gauze, disinfection gauze, etc., different uses of gauze in the material and specifications may be different.

Packing Details

40S 30*20mesh, folded edge,100pcs/package

40S 24*20mesh, folded edge,100pcs/package

40S 19*15mesh, folded edge,100pcs/package

40S 24*20mesh, non-folded edge,100pcs/package

40S 19*15mesh, non-folded edge,100pcs/package

40S 18*11mesh, non-folded edge,100pcs/package



1, Clean operation: clean the hand before use sterile gauze swab, sterile operation, to avoid the introduction of bacteria leading to infection.

2, Dressing skills: correctly grasp the dressing skills, follow the guidance of doctors or professionals, keep the dressing smooth, tight and comfortable.

3, To prevent too tight: the dressing should not be too tight, so as not to affect the normal blood circulation, but also to avoid too loose resulting in dressing failure.

4, Regular replacement: according to the injury and secretions, change the gauze regularly to keep the wound clean and dry.

5, With the use of drugs: If you need to wet compress or apply drugs, you should follow the doctor's instructions, correctly select the drug, and use it as required.

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