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A gauze bandage roll  used to cover a wound by sticking to the surrounding skin using wound dressing tape or glue,play a role in protecting wounds,bleeding and promoting wound healing.
Gauze bandage roll  come in the form of a gel (hydrogel), foam, gauze, bandage, or any other wound dressing patches. They help prevent infection, encourage healing, and reduce pain. 
Gauze bandages roll are long strips,which can be cut according to actual need.
Different gauze bandage roll types are helpful for different kinds of wounds. Most are made of compounds like polymers, elastomers, and natural products.
Alternative dressings include wet-to-dry bandages, alginates, hydrogels, and film dressings, often used post-surgery or to treat severe injuries like burns. 

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Gauze bandage roll is made of medical degreasing gauze, which is not in direct contact with wound surface.It is used for binding force on wound dressing or limb to bind and fix it.

Bandage rolls are made of pure 100% cotton yarn,through high temperature and pressure degreased and leached,ready-cut ,superior absorbency.The bandage rolls are the necessary products for hospital.

Soft and conforming, widely used in medical treatment or hospital works for fix the wound.

The cotton wool can be used or processed in a variety of was, to make cotton ball, cotton bandages, medical cotton pad and so on, can also be used to pack wounds and in other surgical tasks after sterilization. It is suitable for cleaning and swabbing wounds, for applying cosmetics.

Economical and convenient for Clinic, Dental, Nursing Homes and Hospital. It is widely used in clinical medicine to make all kinds of dressings.

Product Paraments:

Product name Square meter weight Specification Carton size Quantity/Box Net weight Woolen outfit MOQ
Gauze bandage roll 40s 26*18 5cm*4m 47 34 35 1500 8 10 10000
    7.5cm*4m 47 34 35 900 8 10 10000
    10cm*4m 47 34 35 750 8 10 10000
    15cm*4m 47 34 35 450 8 10 10000
    20cm*4m 47 24 35 300 8 10 10000
Gauze  bandage roll 40s 30*20 5cm*4m 53 34 41 1500 8 10 10000
    7.5cm*4m 53 34 41 900 8 10 10000
    10cm*4m 53 34 41 750 8 10 10000
    15cm*4m 53 34 41 450 8 10 10000
    20cm*4m 53 24 41 300 8 10 10000
Gauze  bandage roll 40s 24*20 5cm x 4.5m 35 34 56 1440 9 11 10000


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Sterile gauze is a thin, absorbent fabric that has been manufactured and packaged under special conditions to ensure that it is free of germs. When an injury occurs, gauze can be used to help minimize bleeding and provide a protective covering for the wounded area.

The unique weave of gauze allows air to penetrate its surface, so that wounds receive the oxygen that they need to heal properly. You can find sterile gauze in many forms. Gauze rolls are often preferred by people due to their versatility. In roll form, gauze can easily be wrapped around an injured area.

You can also tear off a long piece of gauze and then fold it to place directly on top of an injury. Oftentimes, people choose to purchase first aid tape along with gauze. The tape is used to hold a gauze bandage roll  in place.

They are ideal for dressing wounds on all parts of your body, such as your arms, elbows, and feet etc.

medical gauze bandage roll
gauze bandage roll


Our gauze bandage roll comes with 80 white.

Each roll is made of high-quality materials to ensure safe usage and comfort on your skin. The gauze bandage rolls have great ventilation for faster healing and absorbance, to prevent bleeding.

They are ideal for dressing wounds on all parts of your body, such as your arms, elbows, and feet.


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