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Our dental cotton roll supplies are flexible for your convenience. Twist or bend the dental cotton roll before placing it in the mouth for added malleability. Easy curvature makes them more versatile for dental procedures. Their flexibility makes them ideal for anterior procedures or for placement in the cheeks. Place the cotton pads between the lips and gums for added gum protection.Bloody noses are a hassle. Use dental cotton rolls as blood clotting bandages to seal nosebleeds. To use, first gently blow any clotted blood out of nose. Then, place rolled up cotton in nostril to plug nose. You can cover the cotton in petroleum jelly to moisturize nostril. You can also halt bleeding by wedging the cotton under upper lip and applying light pressure.

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These dental cotton roll ups provide a snug yet comfortable fit in the mouths of patients. They are so comfortable that patients may not even realize their mouths are full of cotton. Their soft, pliable texture won’t irritate mouths, either. When the cotton pads are thoroughly wet, they are easy to remove and won’t leave mouths sticky or fuzzy with cotton residue.

These dental cotton roll are specially designed to soak up excess saliva. Use them while filling cavities or during bleaching to avoid salivation. If you’re doing at-home teeth whitening, use them while you wear your whitening tray to prevent drooling.

These medium-sized medical grade cotton rolls are 1.5 inches long and nearly half an inch thick. The incredible absorbency of our dental gauze rolls makes them reliable and dependable. You won’t have to worry about replacing them during dental procedures or surgeries. You can perform your dentistry uninterrupted with our trustworthy rolled cotton pellets. Also great for first aid kits.

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Product Item Dental Cotton Roll
Material 100% Cotton
Diameter 11x11mm ; 15x15mm ; 20x20mm
Features Surface flatness ; Lint Free ;
Package 450g per bag or 500g per bag . It’s common size especially in Korea , Japan
Lead time 25 days after receive deposite
Capacity 1000 kgs per day

What Are the Different Types of Dental Cotton Rolls?

Among the three options discussed below, the difference in absorbability, durability, and flexibility will vary based on the quality of cotton used (and many vendors offer sterile options, as well as various sizes). When it comes to comfort-arguably the most important factor-there are significant differences.

Dental Cotton Roll


100% cotton

High soft,good absorbency

Use to absorbing blood and other liquid

OEM service,can print your logo,use your package

Competitive price:factory directly price



Diameter Weight Water absorption time Water absorption weight
8 x 38 mm 0.35 g ≤ 6 s ≥ 6.0 g/ g
10 x 38 mm 0.42 g ≤ 6 s ≥ 6.0 g/ g
12 x 38 mm 0.58 g ≤ 6 s ≥ 6.0 g/ g


Dental   Cotton Roll
Description Package Carton Size
8mm*3.8cm(0.35g) 50pcs/pack,20packs/bag,20bags/ctn 50*32*40cm
10mm*3.8cm(0.45g) 50pcs/pack,20packs/bag,20bags/ctn 60*38*40cm
12mm*3.8cm(0.60g) 50pcs/pack,20packs/bag,10bags/ctn 43*37*40cm
14mm*3.8cm(0.80g) 30pcs/pack,20packs/bag,20bags/ctn 50*32*40cm


Product Series:

sterile dental cotton roll medical dental cotton roll


Standard Cotton Roll

Made of cotton, this option often has a starch coating, which can stick to the mucosa and cause the painful problems we discussed earlier. So why would a dental professional use this product? Because it’s cheaper.



Wrapped Cotton Rolls

Here,100% cotton is wrapped in non-woven fabric sealed with an FDA-approved adhesive. The wrap is important because it’s used in place of starch, which means this cotton roll option will not stick to the mucosa, making it a comfortable option for patients.




Braided Cotton Rolls

Braided cotton rolls are usually the preferred choice of dental professionals. The braided roll is held together with silky yarn instead of chemicals, so it doesn’t stick to the mucosa, either. In addition, braided rolls have wicking properties that provide a drier field, along with outstanding durability. As a superior product, this option typically carries a higher price tag.

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