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Product name:Personal care 100 piece packed eco friendly ear cleaning cotton buds bamboo swab

Stick Material:100% Bamboo

Head Material:100% organic cotton

Total Length:7.5cm

Packing:100pcs per bag/box, Bulk package, Customized

MOQ:1000 boxes

Application:Hotel, resort, travelling, home, hospital, beauty center, spa center, photo stuidio and so on

Usage:Makeup remover, personal care, wound care

Feature:Eco-friendly, disposable

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Cotton Swab provides a variety material options wood stick ,bamboo stick ,paper stick ,plastic stick and so on .The wood stick is made of pure nature wood and materials from nautre. It is safe to use and can be biodegradable without causing pollution to the environment. Bamboo sticks are an excellent renewable material because they grow so fast that they can be harvested in a sustainable way. And it's also biodegradable and can be treatd responsibly. Bamboo swabs are one of the most effective nature cleaning products, and they are the materials we advocate. Paper stick are more flexible, less likely to break ,safer to use ,and biodegradable, making them a great tool for personal hygiene. Plastic stick is very flexible and can be molded very well ,and can meet people's different needs.

Cotton swabs come in different materials and package size ,and can be used not only for daliy cleaning tasks, beauty care ,crafts ,and pet care. They also perform well in oral care and medcial professions. A small box of cotton swabs will allow you and children to use them as mimiature brushes in fun activities to paint the bright future with us.


Product Details:

Baby and Pet Care:

Soft and small, Cotton Swabs are well suited for use on babies and pets. Using these swabs, you can access those tiny spaces between your baby's toes for a complete clean or gently apply salves to hard-to-reach affected areas. Bring comfort and cleanliness to your cat or dog by using Q-tips Cotton Swabs to address delicate areas.

Versatile Beauty and Personal Care:

Cotton Swabs are a versatile beauty and personal care tool. Use the cotton-tipped applicators to apply your favorite lip gloss or touch up your eyeliner before a night out, or use them to perform professional-quality manicures and pedicures at home. Use them as an ear cleaning tool. Q-tips Cotton Swabs are also ideal for gently applying creams and ointments to only those areas that need covering.


1.Tips are made of 100% pure cotton, fresh, high soft and absorbent.

2.The whole cotton buds are treated with high temperature, which can ensure hygienic property

3.Many kind of cotton swab such as bamboo stick, plastic stick, paper stick and baby cotton swab with 100% natural pure cotton that can meet your requirements.

4.Different quantity for one package: 100pcs, 200pcs, 250pcs and so on.

5.Weight of tips and sticks adjusted according to customers' requirements.

6. Various colors, design and package are accepted.

7.Highly absorbent cotton swab, manufactured to uniform length and shape.

8.Seamless cotton swab without exposed edges. Soft, non-abrasive, and compatible with most solvents/chemicals.

9.Packaged in color-coded autoclavable bag - blue process marker turns reddish pink to brown when autoclaved.

10.Tip Size: Regular Tip 15 mm (.59 in.) L x 5mm (.197 in.) D.Overall Length: 152.4 mm (6"). Birch Wood shaft.

11.Packaged: 100 per bag, 10 bags per box = 1,000 or 10 boxes per case = 10,000 cotton swabs.


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