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Under normal circumstances,medical cotton swab and ordinary cotton swab have different materials, different product grades, different storage conditions, different uses, different shapes and sizes. The details are as follows:

1, the material is different: medical cotton swabs have relatively strict production requirements, which are made according to national standards and industry standards in medicine. Medical cotton swabs are generally made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch. Ordinary cotton swabs are mostly ordinary cotton, sponge head or cloth head.

2, different product grades: medical cotton swabs are generally used to treat wounds, so they are usually sterilized products, while ordinary cotton swabs are generally conductive products.

3, storage conditions are different, medical cotton swab because of its particularity, so it needs to be stored in a non-corrosive and ventilation effect of good indoor, and can not be high temperature, relative humidity can not exceed 80%. The requirements of ordinary cotton swabs are not so strict, and only need to be kept dry, dust and ash proof.

4, different uses: medical cotton swabs are mainly used in the field of healthcare, such as wound cleaning in medical operations, smeared drugs and so on. Ordinary cotton swabs are mainly used for daily life, such as makeup, cleaning ears, wiping objects and so on.

5, different shapes and sizes: medical cotton swabs are usually designed to be thinner and longer, which is easy to use accurately in medical operations. Regular cotton swabs come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
n addition, there may be other differences between medical cotton swabs and ordinary cotton swabs, such as different prices. If the patient is unwell, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

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BIODEGRADABLE: The organic bamboo cotton swab are 100% biodegradable. The eco cotton buds come in a come in a recycled paper box. This eco friendly option is a great alternative to polluting plastic cotton swabs.

BAMBOO STICK: Bamboo is a sustainable renewable resource the bamboo sticks is durable and stronger than paper sticks that do not cope well with water.

MULTI-PURPOSE: These biodegradable cotton buds can be used for a variety of purpose from the bathroom for makeup clean care to cleaning a keyboard or arts and crafts.

ECO FRIENDLY: Too many plastic cotton buds are ending in our oceans and landfills, make the eco friendly choice of using wooden cotton buds for a cleaner planet


Cotton swab can be used for physical hemostasis, cleaning wounds, providing temporary protection, promoting wound healing, and assisting drug application. Use with caution and consult your doctor if you have any discomfort or questions.
1. Physical hemostasis
Because the  cotton swab has the ability to absorb liquid and soften tissue, it can play a compression effect when it contacts the damaged blood vessels, so as to achieve the purpose of hemostasis. The cotton swab can be gently pressed on the bleeding point to achieve rapid hemostasis. Avoid overexertion to aggravate the injury.
2. Clean the wound
Cotton swab are mainly used to remove foreign bodies and secretions from the wound to reduce the chance of bacterial infection. Gently swab the inside of the wound with tweezers under aseptic procedure, but do not rub back and forth to avoid irritating the newly healed tissue.
3. Provide temporary protection
Covering the surface of the wound with medical cotton swab can prevent dust and pollutants from the external environment from coming into direct contact with the wound, reducing the risk of secondary infection. It mainly provides protection for the wound by covering, and generally does not need to be replaced until it falls off naturally.
4. Promote wound healing
Because the  cotton swab is made of pure natural wood pulp material, it will not cause rejection and is easy to be absorbed by the human body; At the same time, it has a certain ability to absorb water, which is conducive to wetting the wound environment and accelerating the cell repair process. It is suitable for small and superficial wounds, such as scrapes or cuts, to help reduce inflammation and promote healing.
5. Adjuvant drug use
Cotton swab are often used to apply ointments or other topical liquid medicines, using their fibrous structure to evenly distribute drugs to the affected area. Choose the appropriate medicine under the guidance of a physician and apply it in a clean and dry environment.
Caution is recommended when using medical cotton swabs to avoid unnecessary damage to the skin. In daily life, we should pay attention to maintaining good personal hygiene habits, and regularly change clothes and bedding to reduce the possibility of bacterial growth.


1. Cotton Swab is sterilized by ethylene oxide, for one-time use, and should be uniformly destroyed after use.
2, If found to have broken discard.
3, Avoid high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight.
4, Please place out of reach of children.

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