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Cotton head comapction use an all in-one molding machine .The cotton head is not easy to disperse ,the flocs not fall ,The tip of bud has the function of absorbing water ,it is provided in a non-sterile for single use .Our bud is suitable for medical and helath units and home care ,when cleaning and disinfecting skin and wounds ,it is used to apply medicine.Cotton swabs come in different materials and package size,and can be used widly.A small box of cotton swabs will allow you and children to use .

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We mainly engaged in Design, Ressearch & Development and produce all kind of products.supplying all kinds of products all over the world. We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting these products from China to various overseas markets and also we work with satisfied buyers in the US, Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Comply with EU standards and the United States Standards and obtain certification In order to guarantee high quality, we carry out strict and close Inspection throughout the manufacturing processes, from material selection to final delivery. We welcome OEM and ODM.Meanwile our creative R&D team continuously develops new products to maintain and expand our markets.

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Cotton Swabs

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Cotton Buds

Product advantages

1. Semi-permanent auxiliary good helper,permanent dedicated.
2. The use of environmentally friendly materials, safe and nontoxic, particularly suitable for electronic IT industry, do not fall dust, cotton head is not scattered, excellent quality.
3. Versatile tool for cleaning, detailing, and applying paint, glue, epoxy, lubrication, etc .
4. Great for permanent makeup, cosmetics, or other model making ,ceramics, jewelry , fabric decorations, hobby.
5.The cotton heads at both ends are closely entangled with the cotton swabs,so it will not fall off, you can use it with confidence.
6.The cotton swab has a reasonable length and width, which is convenient and quick to use.






Q1:Can you offer customized service?
A1:Yes,both OEM and ODM are available.You can give us your ideas or requirements,we make it perfect for you.

Q2:What is your package?
A2:Different products have different package.Generally opp bag,plastic box or kraft paper.

Q3:What is the quality certificate do you have?

Q4:What is your lead time?
A4:According to your QTY, the lead time is about 3-30 days.

Q5:Is this product degradable?
A5:Paper stick and bamboo/wooden stick can degradable,others can't.

Product parameters

Product Name
 Cotton swabs
 100 PCS Each Pack
 (OPP Sealed Bag)
(100 PCS)
17 g 
Brush Head Material
Handle Material
50 Packs,
50 packs + Box = 1KG (2.2LB)
Used For
Make-up, cleansing, handling details
Packaging Customization
OPP Pack:1/2/5/10/50/100 PCS Each Pack.

Plastic Box or Can:50/60/70/80/100/150/200 PCS Each Pack
We Can Also Customize Other Packaging

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