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Before use, thoroughly wash hands and ensure there is no contaminated material present which may infect the cotton ball and hence transfer it into the wound.

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Our natural, lint-free manicure cotton balls are staples for professional nail technicians. They share the perfect combination of softness, strength and absorbency. We stock premium cotton balls that are highly effective at removing nail polish. Their ultra absorbency allows you to take off more polish while using fewer cotton balls. They're fluffy without leaving dust, fuzz or other residue behind.

Offer your clients the purity of 100% natural nail salon cotton balls, pads or rounds. Since they're all-natural, there's no concern over synthetic ingredients. Our thick cotton pads for nail services have a durable, quilted surface that resists shredding even when wet. The soft cotton rounds serve as multi-care products for nails and skin. In addition to cotton balls for manicures and pedicures, we have easy-grip cosmetic pads which also provide a superior texture for applications and removals. At Marlo Beauty Supply, we understand the importance of quality cotton. We have cotton balls, cotton-filled gauze and cotton cosmetic pads from top makers at exceptional prices. And we sell all of these supplies only to licensed professionals.

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carton size

0.3g/pc(non-sterile) 300pcs/bag,100bags/ctn


0.5g/pc(non-sterile) 200pcs/bag,100bags/ctn


1g/pc(non-sterile) 100pcs/bag,100bags/ctn


2g/pc(non-sterile) 50pcs/bag,100bags/ctn


3g/pc(non-sterile) 30pcs/bag,100bags/ctn


4g/pc(non-sterile) 25pcs/bag,100bags/ctn


0.3g/pc(sterile) 5pcs/blister pack,20blister/bag,30bags/ctn


0.5g/pc(sterile) 5pcs/blister pack,20blister/bag,20bags/ctn


1g/pc(sterile) 5pcs/blister pack,20blister/bag,10bags/ctn


2g/pc(sterile) 5pcs/blister pack,10blister/bag,10bags/ctn


3g/pc(sterile) 3pcs/blister pack,10blister/bag,10bags/ctn


4g/pc(sterile) 3pcs/blister pack,10blister/bag,10bags/ctn



1.Cotton balls are easy to use and require little instruction or training;

2.Cotton balls clean wounds and assist in accelerating the healing process;

3.Cotton balls can remove foreign agents from a wound, decreasing the risk of infection;

4.Different sizes ensure that the cotton balls fulfill the requirements to treat wounds of different sizes and severity.


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cotton ball
medical cotton ball

1. We are an ISO and CE certificated company, and OEM available, and Our products have been exported to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia and around all of the world, our product have high quantity and best price.

2.Cottton balls are made of 100% pure cotton

3. Have the specification of 0.3g/pc~5g/pc, depends on the customer demands.

4. High whiteness and soft,100%cotton products.

5.It is used for cleaning or absorbing the blood.

6. Naturally soft extra absorbent

It can absorb more than 23g water per gram.

7.Because we are factory the products must be best price.

8.Supply sterile and non-sterile

9.Wound care, First Aid care, Personal care

10.High whiteness and soft, 100% cotton products

11.It used for cleaning or absorbing the blood

12.It can absorb more than 23g water per gram

13.sterile and non-sterile

14.Colorful cotton ball available


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